Unit Title: Caring For Our World
Lesson: 1
Stage 2 Year 4
Duration: 60 min

TS2.2 – Interacts effectively in groups and pairs, adopting a range of roles, uses a variety of media and uses various listening strategies for different situations.

ENS2.6 – Describes people’s interactions with environments and identifies responsible ways of interacting with environments.

Evidence of Learning / Assessment

Students will:

- Identify advantages and disadvantages of altering the environment
- Examine the effects that people have had on animals and the environment
- Suggest ways that people can help to sustain the environment
- Perform a role play, demonstrating the impact people have had / are having on the environment

Student Indicators:

- Responds to different viewpoints in a discussion
- Performs, giving some consideration to use of voice and gesture, e.g. drama
- Evaluates the necessity of caring for and conserving a feature, site or place
- Plans a strategy for caring for a particular site or feature
- Presents alternatives to, and consequences of, using features, sites and places in particular ways
- Gives reasons why a specified site, place or feature should be cared for
- Examines the advantages and disadvantages of various land uses

Teaching and Learning Activities

Students brainstorm effects that humans have had on the environment to engage their prior knowledge. The teacher will create a mind-map on the board.

The teacher will then show the students the image of the bulldozer clearing trees, and have a discussion with the students. Students will need to give reasons why they think people cut down trees and also come up with negative consequences that clearing the land has on animals and the environment. Based on their ideas, the class will have a vote as to whether they think the benefits of clearing the land outweigh the consequences.

10 minutes
- Image of the bulldozer clearing the land (resource 1)
- Whiteboard
- Whiteboard marker

Activity 1

The teacher will go through a scenario with the students (See below). Discuss this scenario with students, and the issue of land clearing. The students will be divided into pairs, and each pair will be given a copy of the scenario.

The teacher will then lead the students to the school computer lab, where they will research the issue in the scenario. Students will need to find out information about the features of the environment, what animals live / lived there and how they have been affected, the positives and negatives of altering the environment, and any other relevant / interesting information they can find about the scenario. Students should record their results on the worksheet (see below).

Activity 2

The teacher will then group three pairs together, so that there are now six students in a group. Together they must come up with a list of some possible sustainable solutions to the situation in the case study, and record it on an A3 piece of paper, which the teacher will collect at the end of the lesson. In their new groups, students will then select an issue from their results, and will either create a 1 - 2 minute role play, demonstrating the situation, and what they can do to help.

25 minutes

15 minutes

- 15 copies of the case study
- Computer lab
- Computers

- 5 sheets of A3 paper
- 5 Texas

Students present role play to the rest of the class. The students who are not presenting at any given time should come up with questions to ask the students who are giving their presentation. After all the groups have given their presentation, the teacher will show the students the image of the bulldozer clearing the land. Once again students need to vote as to whether they think that the benefits of clearing the land outweigh the consequences, now that they have now had a chance to research environmental issues. The teacher will get students to explain why they have changed their minds and voted differently this time (if any have). The teacher will also get students who voted the same way to give reasons for their choice.

10 minutes
- Image of the bulldozer clearing the land (resource 1)


- Were the learning outcomes achieved? If not, why?

- Were my teaching strategies appropriate?

- Did the group structures work? Why/why not?

- Was the timing of activities reasonable?

- If I taught this lesson again, what would I modify?


The council has been proposing to tear down the natural woodlands. They are planning to build a new shopping centre on this land. This would have a devastating effect on the natural environment.

Think about the animals that live in these woods, and why building a shopping centre would be very bad for the environment.

Think about the positives of building a shopping centre, and the benefits that it could have for people living in the local area.

Research the issue of land clearing and logging. Select an area you wish to focus on (e.g. the local bushland, Royal National Park etc). Fill in the worksheet.

Environmental Worksheet

1) Write a paragraph about the place you have chosen to research

2) Describe the features of the environment

3) List three animals that live / lived there
a. _
b. _
c. _

4) Describe how these three animals have been affected / will be affected by the change in the environment



5) List some positive aspects that might come from altering the environment

6) List some negative effects that might come from altering the environment

7) Provide some interesting information about the location or issue

8) In your opinion, do you think this environmental change was a good thing or a bad thing? Give reasons why you think this.